What kind of church is Liberty?
We seek to uphold the Word of God as divinely inspired, without error, and fully sufficient to give us all we need to live to the glory of God. We come weekly to celebrate what God has done for us in Christ and worship Him from our hearts. We trust that, by His grace, our daily lives are ones that reflect the Good News of Jesus Christ. We also trust that, by the faithful, verse-by-verse preaching and teaching of the Word of God, He will shape us individually and corporately into the people He wants us to be

What are your services like?
Our service is designed to Glorify God and be accessible to you, whether you've spent your life in the church or have never been to a church service in your life. We usually follow a basic pattern of meeting together that is traced back to the early Church. We learn from the Bible, pray, sing and reflect.

Do you offer child care?
Yes we have child care at all of our normal worship services

What should I wear?
At Liberty, you are welcome to wear whatever you would like.

Where Should I Park?
You can park wherever you like. However, there are several parking spots around the brick building just for visitors.